GMini Translator 2.0: a free text translator for the Windows desktop

gmini translator 2

gmin translator 2GMini Translator 2.0 is a free tool for the Windows desktop that allows you to quickly translate text from the Google Translate service.

I wrote this little software in WPF / C# 6.0 / .NET 4.6.2 to have a tool more ergonomic than its counterpart Google translate in the WEB browser: support of the clipboard, function copy and translate, translation in the clipboard, drag & drop support, …

This new version (see the previous article on version 1.0, which presents detailed explanations on the operation and the commands of the tool: GMini Translator 1.0) brings important improvements:

  • multiple queries in parallel (async / await Asynchronous Task of C # 5.0) to simultaneously translate the portions of cut texts (the division allows to increase the size of the texts accepted by the translation service)
  • themes for the user interface (currently 2: a standard windows theme and a dark theme dear to the developers
  • save user preferences: position and settings of the window, source and target languages, UI theme, are kept each time the application is launched

This small program is provided free of charge and experimental to users of this site

download the software
Install this tool by downloading the setup (.msi zipped) here: GMini Translator 2.0 (Setup) . This setup allows to perform a new installation or to repair / uninstall an existing installation

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