Zoom the UI with WPF


How to add the ability to zoom a WPF control and content?

We must nest the control or controls that we want to zoom simultaneously in one Grid, on which we apply a transformation Layout type transformation scale.

For example :

    <Grid Name="ZoomableContentGrid"
                <ScaleTransform x:Name="GridScaleTransform"/>
        <!-- le contenu zoomé se place ici          

the following C # method will apply the desired zoom ratio (between 0 and 1 inclusive):

void SetZoom(
    // facteur de zoom entre 0 et 1 compris
    double zoomFactor)
    GridScaleTransform.ScaleX = zoomFactor;
    GridScaleTransform.ScaleY = zoomFactor;

This method can be linked to control events such as selecting a drop-down list, entering a text box or changing the value of a slider …

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