Technical architect, software designer, full stack and desktop developer with 23 years of experience, I a am specialized in Microsoft .Net framework and Net Core C# technologies since 9 years

I’m regularly using: .Net Framework 4.8, Core C# 3.1, 5 Web API Azure DevOps CI/CD TFS GIT Agile MVP / SCRUM / SAFe Asp MVC WPF MVVM UWP WinForms WCF HTML CSS Javascript Web / Micro Services SOA SOAP REST Design Patterns TDD MDD DDD XUnit/Xunit2 FluentAssertion PACT Nuget UML HTML CSS Kubernetes Kong Kafka Mongo Redis SQL Server JWT OAuth2 OpenID OAS Swagger Grafana React Admin Nuget Sonar SQL SQLServer

I am currently working for the e-commerce. I had also worked for the industry and the research field (computer science applied to medicine). My job consists in realizing custom software that meet specific business needs. I also carry out technical expertise, auditing and consulting missions.


⁃ Technical architect and full stack developer for CDiscount | Octopia

Web API C# .NET Core 5 Kubernetes Kong Kafka micro services Mongo GIT TFS Azure CI/CD DevOps Sonar XUnit/Xunit2 FluentAssertion PACT Nuget TDD DDD MDD JWT OAuth2 OpenID OAS Swagger Grafana React Admin Javascript HTML CSS JIRA Confluence Agile Scrum / MVP / SAFe Linux Windows

  • Management of a marketplace
    • Back-End et Front-End
    • APIs and connectors: sellers, client & seller support, catalog, orders, …
  • I bring a solution of generation of code from models (WebAPI, DTO)


⁃ Software architect and lead developer for Schneider Electric

C# .Net 4.8 WPF Prism WCF ASP MVVM Redis Sql Server Azure DevOps JIRA

    • Management of structuring and configuration of products and industrial product lines
      • desktop application (heavy client) for Windows 10 in .NET Framework 4.8 C# 7.3 64bits, UI with WPF and PRISM (Visual Studio 2019)
      • .NET Framework 4.8 C# 7.3 application server, connectable with .Net Remoting and WCF.
      • Redis database (IMODB) for which I designed an entity framework ensuring a mapping object / key-value
    • Quotation for products (15Kv-30Kv medium voltage circuit breakers and accessories) and ordering on the ERP (SAP). Urgent replacement of a decommissioned web tool not yet replaced (proposal to the customer, solo dev). Generated €10M in revenue in the first year of commissioning
      • desktop application for Windows Desktop in .NET Framework 4.8 C# 7.3 WPF
      • Excel quote generation
      • updated (encrypted) data deployed via FTP
      • deployment (and the technical support) in the customer affiliates for 75 countries
    • web application for product stucturation and configuration
      • .NET 4.8 ASP MVC SQL Server
    • Data generator for the WEB product configurator, within the data of structuring and configuration, with parameterization by rules
      • desktop application for Windows in .NET C# 4.8, WPF, XML

I have also worked in the past with JAVA (J2EE, EJB), PHP (Zend Framework, Dojo / Dijit), and also with C ++ and C, to name only the main ones.