Windows tools and softwares

GMini Translator 2.0 (Setup)

Command Line Tools for Windows (Dos)


Use Google Translation for free on the command line (C # client library of the Google Translate service)

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free and open source command-line tool that allows you to perform the "Separated Values" file transformation from and to the separators space, comma, semicolon, tab

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Applications for Windows (via ClickOnce)

Installation on Windows is fast and automated via Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology.. Follow this link to learn more about deploying through ClickOnce

WPF C# Easing Function demo application

WPF C# Easing Function demonstator (Setup)

Javascript applications (app + source code)

MIT-Licensesource code licensed under free MIT

Source code of examples

MIT-Licensesource code licensed under free MIT

ANTLR4 lexer parser for C# - calculator sample - VS2015 C# project

First steps with ANTLR4, generator of lexer / C # (Tutorial)

WPF C# Easing Function demo code source (VS2015 project)

Open source projects: source + binary codes

MIT-LicenseFind on GitHub the source codes and the binaries of the projects of this blog that have been donated to the community of developers under open source license MIT

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