Companies, manufacturers, public institutions for which I worked and a description of their business domains and the projects for wich I have participated

CDiscount | Octopia
e-commerce | marketplace
Cdiscount is a French e-commerce company. The site was founded in 1998 by the Charle brothers. Initially specialized in the sale of used CDs and DVDs, the company has since expanded its offer and now claims more than 100 million referenced products offered for sale in the worlds of home, high-tech, leisure, fashion and food

Octopia aims to become a leading player in marketplace solutions by relying on 10 years of technological and operational know-how acquired from the largest marketplace operators in Europe, part of Cdiscount, and by opening new markets to selling partners
effectif: 2000

  • Back-end et Front-end de Marketplace
  • APIs et connecteurs: sellers, client & seller support, catalog, orders, …
logo Schneider Electric Schneider Electric
matériel électrique

French industrial group with an international dimension, which manufactures and offers electricity management products, automatisms and solutions adapted to these trades
membership‎: ‎142 000

    • managing the structuring and configuration of ranges and products
    • quotes for the brand’s factories and distributors: price catalogues, quotes for spare parts, complete products (Excel). Passing orders for SAP
    • product information management and publication of product information (WEB,PDF,XML)
      • EShop (here in action for Data sheets and product comparators.
    • website for the supply of spare parts to suppliers – brand installers
    • globalization of IS for product information management []
logo ST Microelectronics ST Microelectronics
micro électronique

International company of French and Italian origin, with its operational and executive headquarters in Plan-les-Ouates, near Geneva, Switzerland, which develops, manufactures and markets electronic chips
membership‎: ‎45 500

  • Société internationale d’origine Français et italienne, avec son siège opérationnel et exécutif à Plan-les-Ouates, près de Genève, en Suisse, qui développe, fabrique et commercialise des puces électroniques
  • Chip design and manufacturing workflow management
  • Intranet for the TPA division
logo DGA Direction Générale de l’Armement
Ministère de la défense
A force of expertise, testing and engineering within the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) is tasked with equipping the armed forces in a sovereign manner, preparing the future of defence systems, promoting European cooperation and supporting exports
membership: 10 000

  • TMA and MCO of the Ixarm armament portal website []
  • TMA and MCO of the state’s public procurement management platform website []
  • web application for managing public procurement sales of Rafale war jets
  • web application for quality management of manufacturing and sale of spare parts of Rafale aircraft
logo Orange Orange
opérateur de téléphonie
French telecommunications company
membership: 151 000

  • Production data archiving solution from CTI international switches (20 million records stored in less than 10 minutes)
  • Outil de comparaison des environnements prod/preprod/test. comparaison des fichiers (64 serveurs) et des données et procédures stockées (128 bases)
  • A tool for comparing prod/preprod/test environments. comparison of files (64 servers) and stored data and procedures (128 bases)
  • Optimization of the production plan (flows, tools) and MCO of IIS
logo EDF Electricité De France
fournisseur électricité
The leading producer and the leading electricity supplier in France and Europe
membership154 845

  • MDM solution for synchronizing data repositories between applications
  • Electricity trading software
logo Engie Engie
fournisseur gaz
French energy industrial group (fusion of Gaz de France and Suez)
membership158 505

  • Gas trading software
logo Total Total
pétrole & gaz naturel
Total SA is a private French oil and gas company. It is one of six “supermajors”: it is the fifth largest in the sector worldwide, behind ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, and Chevron, and ahead of ConocoPhillips
membership100 000

  • Software for fuel price calculation at the pump (per station)
logo CEA CEA
Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives
The Office of the Commissioner for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy (CEA) is a diverse central government agency (ODAC) of French scientific research in the fields of energy, defence, information and communication technologies, material sciences, life sciences and health
membership: 15 867

  • nuclear safety analysis generation software
  • prototyping of a GED solution on Drupal
logo Ministere de la santé de la jeunesse et des soprts Ministère de la santé
avec l'hôpital Necker (Paris)
  • datawarehouse with management tools (etl) and monitoring tools (web -sig) data for patient tracking data in dialysis centers
logo conseil général de l'isère Conseil général de l’Isère
assemblée élue qui gère les affaires dont la Région a la charge
  •  website for the presentation of the road project of the northern ring road of Grenoble
logo conseil régional de bourgogne Conseil régional de Bourgogne
assemblée élue qui gère les affaires dont la région à la charge
  •  website for the presentation of the road project of the northern ring road of Grenoble
logo géant casino Groupe Casino
groupe de distribution
French retail group
membership: 220 000

  • Technical expertise in a business management application
logo azimutincorporé par logo hager group Azimut monitoring
collecte et traitement d’informations environnementales (qualité de l’air intérieur, bruit, pollution, odeurs,
logo cnrs CNRS
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
The National Centre for Scientific Research, is the largest public body in France for scientific research, under the administrative tutelage of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.
membership: 26 000

  • Expert system based on neural networks, application for the identification of fungi
  • IU and server for object-oriented database system
  • Conceptual scheme editor (Z0, entity-relationship type)
logo 40-30 40-30
solutions de productivité et de maintenance industrielle
Solutions and services around maintenance in vacuum technology, industrial electronics and ultra-clean applications
membership: 190

  • Control software for in-room maintenance on a kiosk with touch screen
logo 40-30 EMG
Ecole de Management de Grenoble
  • web application for jury management, exams, student scores in entrance exams, publication of results
logo 40-30 (previously
Des solutions de placements aux standards du web : frais les plus bas, architecture ouverte, transparence
logo 40-30 Ville de Lorient
Site officiel de la Ville de Lorient
  • Technical expertise of the WEB application, specification of optimization actions (front cache, opcodes cache, ramdisk, improved charger, flow compression) []