Animated by Javascript, this figure is obtained by projecting on a circle the values ​​of the modulo of the multiplication of a number by others. To this was added sinusoidal variations with variable amplitude and speed of intervals and positions. This animation has been written following the viewing of the video on YouTube The hidden side of the multiplication tables – Micmaths by Mickaël Launay, who inspired this colorful and animated variation. Watch Mickael’s video because he explains how a modulo applied to multiplication tables can produce this family of amazing images.

Download the full animation code: Modulo psychédélique (animation javascript)

min modulo:
max modulo:
min seed:
max seed:
seed step:
seed angle step:
modulo step:
modulo angle step:
delta angle:
delta angle 2:
delta angle rotation:
facteur rayon 1:
facteur rayon 2: