GMini Translator

A Windows desktop tool for text translation

GMini Translator is a windowed tool for the Windows desktop that allows fast translation of short texts from the Google Translate translation service as it is available to the Google Chrome browser translation extension. Thus, no API key is needed to run the service. However, it has limitations (text size, automatic hyphenation on punctuation, …). The GMini Translator tool circumvents these limitations by splitting translation queries into subqueries and then collecting the results.

This small program is provided free of charge and experimental to users of this site. The author does not provide any guarantee of operation.


The tool has a single window to perform the translation work:

GMini translator main window
main window of the program

The controls function of this window is described in the following table:

control description
source language drop-down list for selecting the language of the text to be translated
target language drop-down list for selecting the language in which the text is to be translated
bouton <-> reverse the source language and the target language: reverse the selection of drop-down lists as well as source and target texts
translate button triggers the translation of the source text present in the top text box. The translated text is written in the bottom text box.the translated text is recorded in the clipboard. it can be pasted anywhere using CTRL + V
top text box contains the text to translate. Can be edited freely. Pressing the enter key triggers the translation. Text can be dropped from anywhere in this field, this will trigger the translation automatically
bottom text box contains the translated text. is not editable

The Edit menu provides the following functions:

fonction description
Paste and translate Get the text content from the clipboard (if there is any, otherwise it does not do anything) in the source text box and triggers the translation
Clear clears the contents of the source text box and the target text box
Copy source copy the source text into the clipboard
Copy target copy the target text to the clipboard
About displays a window of information about the program
Exit closing the program

The Options menu offers the following functions:

option description
Topmmost window if checked (default), the window will appear above all others
Enable window shadow if checked (default), a shadow is drawn around the window

The window can be resized and moved from the title bar and from the surface outside the controls. These features are also accessible from the system menu that opens from the icon button to the left of the title bar.


Use the standard installer (.msi zipped), downloaded from here:: GMini Translator Setup to install the program in Windows. This setup allows you to perform a new installation or repair or uninstall an existing installation:

GMini Translator Setup
GMini Translator Setup

The setup offers:
– the choice of the installation directory
– the installation for all users or the current user
– register the program in the start menu, in the GMini translator folder

After installation, it is advisable to associate the program with a keyboard shortcut, so it will be instantly available when needed. To do this, open the start menu, right-click on the GMini Translator item and in the context menu select the Properties option, then in the
Shortcut tab, then click in the Shortcut key field and perform the selected shortcut, for example: CTRL + F1. Then click Apply et Ok.

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