Windows Terminal – Installation and configuration: full tutorial

windows terminal screenshot

Windows Terminal is the new terminal application for command line users provided (free) by Microsoft. This includes the most requested features by users of Windows command line tools, such as tabs, rich text, globalization, advanced configuration capabilities, interface themes and styles, and more. This tutorial details the installation and the configuration of the Windows Terminal. All examples are accompanied by the corresponding source files to be downloaded from this site.

How to solve a Failure of NuGet restore (impossible to access a deleted object) from the Package Manager of Visual Studio 2019

visual studio nuget restore

How to solve a failure of NuGet restores "Package Download Failure," "Cannot Resolve Assembly," "New Attempt to 'FindPackagesByIdAsync" (impossible to access a deleted object) from Visual Studio 2019 package manager

Killing a process with a PowerShell script

Microsoft PowerShell

To kill a process in a Windows script environment, PowerShell is the perfect tool. Just make a PowerShell script file: script file: kill_process.ps1 This script kills the process named MyProcess if it exists. The error action prevents the script from outputting information if an error occurs, for example if the process does not exist. [shell … Continue reading Killing a process with a PowerShell script