The psychedelic modulo


The modulo operation is the operation of calculating the rest of the Euclidean division . It is the mathematician Gauss who invented the arithmetic of congruences , in which one is interested in the remains of divisions rather than quotients. The modulo is also called the arithmetic of the clock , because all the modulo … Continue reading The psychedelic modulo

Trace the WPF easing functions

homme forme fonction

Wpf Easing fonctions, otherwise known as the acceleration functions, are functions that slow down or accelerate the motion of an animation according to a mathematical formula. In this post we will see how to make a small WPF application that lists and draws the Easing functions available in the WPF framework. Let's start with the … Continue reading Trace the WPF easing functions

Psychedelic modulo

Animated by Javascript, this figure is obtained by projecting on a circle the modulo of a number by another.